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7 Best Snapchat Viewers To View Stories & Profiles (2024)

Snapchat took the social networking world with the aid of storm with the launch of testimonies, a function many other apps later included into their platform. Snapchat testimonies permit customers to share and see the highlights of their day with their friends and followers. However, the consumer sharing the story can know who considered it, making story viewing a profile unless you have a fine Snapchat story viewer on your rescue.

The story-viewing viewers allow users to view all of our Snapchat stories without their understanding. Though spying on someone isn’t beneficial, it may help mother and father defend their youngsters, an associate to remain in sync with the alternative accomplice’s lifestyles without bothering them, or without a doubt to recognize a person better with pure intentions.

  1. Spokeo

Spokeo is a Snapchat spying app that permits Snapchat users to discover the goal customer call, nickname, bitmoji, pix, avatar, and other info. It additionally lets in you to track all Snapchat activities, from chat & contracts to photos that disappear. It additionally lets you discover the contact listing of the user on Snapchat, which includes their names & nicknames.

  1. UMobix

Let us check uMobix. It is among the first-class Snapchat snap viewers due to its display screen capturing (captures pix, messages, audio recordings, documents, and motion pictures, acquired or sent), location tracking, stealth mode, and the subsequent functions, contributing to justifying this app’s position on our listing.

  1. MSpy

mSpy is one of the great Snapchat Viewer apps, which lets you hold an eye fixed on the focused user’s activities on Snapchat and different social media channels. You need to create your account and select your preferred plan. Then, you can begin monitoring all and sundry.

This application helps you to effortlessly take a look at their photos, videos, and messages. You can also display absolutely everyone without being detected.

  1. Cocospy

Here comes Cocospy, one of the nice good online public Snapchat profile viewers, if parental manipulation is your purpose. You can use this application to song all sports of your kids, similar to Snapchat stories. Moreover, it’s far a famous name due to its anonymous monitoring, browser history monitoring in conjunction with timestamps and website go-to frequency, and the following modern functions.

  1. Eyezy

Eyezy is a Snapchat viewer which remotely accesses Snapchat stories with its in-constructed invisible shield. You also can view testimonies and snaps of hobbies without being detected.

It is one of the great Snapchat story viewers that offers different high-quality features like a social spotlight, which allows you to examine lively conversations and even the ones deleted, the date and time. Eyezy has a clean-to-use inner GPS to pinpoint the location. You can also discover what your kids will do on Snapchat and different social media systems.

  1. ClevGuard

ClevGuard is the subsequent Snap story viewer we would really like to speak about. Not only the testimonies, but this application also allows you to view the goal’s activities on Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, and other social media apps. Moreover, iCloud tracking and the following features make ClevGuard an attractive software.

  1. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is a Snapchat viewer that lets users undercover agents on a goal without possessing the target tool. It lets in users to track and spy on a goal telephone without bodily get admission to. It is a useful Snapchat viewer app that has many functions, which include call interception, smartphone call recording, social media tracking, and live tracking.


The world of Snapchat is good-sized and has a lot to offer when it comes to importing content and sharing creative thoughts with your target audience.

Whether you are a figure, and you’re looking to make sure that your young adults are using Snapchat for the proper motives, or you’re a commercial enterprise owner, and also you want to make certain that your personnel are the usage of their employer telephones as it should be, there are a couple of motives that we will think about why you would possibly want to use a Snapchat story viewer.

It’s usually useful that allows you to cover your view depend if you want to peer somebody’s Snapchat storys anonymously, due to the fact then they aren’t going to start asking any questions and wondering why you’re always trying to view their content.

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