GTA 6 Prices: How Much Is The Game Expected To Cost?

GTA 6’s first legit trailer has multiplied the hype amongst game enthusiasts worldwide, and many want to play the game as quickly as possible. Although Rockstar Games has yet to formally reveal the game’s retail rate, the community has already stumbled upon numerous rumors and leaks about it in the remaining couple of months.

While most lovers agree that the Grand Theft Auto 6’s price will fall in the same range as different modern AAA titles, a few suppose the studio might price a higher amount for its upcoming massive name.

That stated, this article discusses how a whole lot of Rockstar Games is anticipated to rate for GTA 6 as soon as it’s far launched to the masses, PS5, and other unconfirmed entertainment systems.

How Much Will GTA 6 Cost? Price Estimation

The expected price of the GTA 6 preferred edition can be a minimum of $69.99 USD. This is due to the fact the technology of $70 video games started in the past couple of years, with games like God of War Ragnarök and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 having this rate tag. Considering inflation, the long development cycle, and the unfortunate leaks, possibilities are that the bottom game might cost around $70.

Moving to the options variations, possibilities are that the GTA 6 Deluxe and Collector’s Editions (the latter may encompass artbooks, soundtracks, and different additional content) ought to price $100 USD or maybe more.

Rumors of GTA 6 Costing $100

One of the most important rumors concerning the GTA 6 charge is that the game ought to value $100 or more. This comes after numerous outlets pronounced that Take-Two Interactive’s CEO believes that games have to be priced by the hour. However, that’s no longer pretty correct.

When requested by a Goldman Sachs analyst throughout Take-Two Interactive’s Q2 2023 profits call what his perspectives have been on subscription pricing, CEO Strauss Zelnick actually stated that games are regularly accurate value for cash.

“Our frontline expenses are still very, very low due to the fact we offer many hours of engagement. The value of the engagement may be very high. So, I suppose the industry, as an entire, gives a exquisite charge-to-value opportunity for clients. That doesn’t necessarily suggest that the industry has pricing strength or desires to have pricing strength.”

If anything, it seems that the CEO is happy to launch GTA 6 for a normal AAA rate, even no matter it presenting many hours of gameplay. “It is strategy to give more costs than usual. It’s continually been our method right here.”

Considering that GTA 6 reportedly price round $2 billion to expand, however Take-Two Interactive possibly won’t war to get its cash lower back.

GTA 6- When Can You Pre-Order?

Pre-orders for Rockstar games generally begin some months earlier than the discharge of the game. Red Dead Redemption 2 turned into to be had for pre-order one hundred thirty days before its launch. With the GTA 6 launch date being set in Q1 2025 presently, the pre-orders for the game might start in October 2024. The real pre-order date and the bonuses with a view to include pre-orders can only be confirmed after a respectable declaration by means of the Rockstar Games.

GTA enthusiasts are eagerly looking forward to the release of the next access in the GTA Universe. The GTA 6 price, release date, trailer 2 release, and details about the gameplay mechanism are based on leaks and analysis, and the very last story will unfold as soon as Rockstar Games comes out with an official announcement on the game.


There are a few current speculations that GTA VI could value $150 USD but take these rumors with a grain of salt because Rockstar or Take-Two has now not confirmed this GTA price. Another aspect to bear in mind is that the value of the game can be extraordinary in exceptional regions. For example, GTA 5 had a better price in Europe than in North America.

To conclude, the most likely GTA 6 price may be $69.99 USD, the Deluxe or Premium Edition ought to price around $100, and if there’s a version for hardcore fans of the franchise that has a lot of items packed in it, there may be a chance in which a $150 USD is genuine.

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