Tips for Styling Bookcases to Display Books and Décor

A bookcase is not merely a place to store books; it is a blank canvas on which you can display creativity and personal taste. There is a reason why a classic bookcase or a very modernistic shelf can completely turn the charm and character of a space.

The best bookcase combines both utility and aesthetics. The bookcase should be compatible with the décor of your room and yet provide the space required for books and other collections. With the right design and careful organization, your bookcase may make a declaration of your style and interests while surfacing as the room’s center showpiece. Let’s dig in on just how to style your bookcase so it’s both beautiful and useful.

Choose the Right Bookcase to Suit Your Space

Select a cherry bookcase in sumptuous, red tones, and it will infuse warmth into the elegance of the room you place it in. Consider the size and amount of shelving you’ll need. Think of what you might want to display besides books—possibly some art, plants, or collected mementos.

A taller bookcase will make your ceiling appear higher, and a shorter, wider one becomes an additional surface for decorative items.

Arrange Your Books for Visual Appeal

As you start to fill the bookcase, consider how you might arrange your books in an attractive way. A very simple way of doing that is by size or color. The presentation of color-coordinated books can be like a palette from which your books work to accent your room’s color.

You don’t need to line them up in all traditional rows. Try setting some stacks horizontally and some vertically to break up the monotony. This also creates little spots where you can stick small pieces of decorative interest between the books in a bookcase, such as small sculptures, candles, or other accents. A small plant, for instance, on top of a horizontal stack of books can make your shelf look lively.

But that is not all. There are some other ways to really style your cherry bookcase. Think of those items that would have some form of meaning for you: mementos from your travels, framed photos, or your favorite pottery. Those personal items tell a story about who you are and what you love.

When adding these pieces, try to balance them. Do not overdo it on the shelves. Leave a little space around items to give each piece some room. Consider item heights, as well as texture. Mix up items to keep the eye moving. A tall vase on one shelf may be balanced by a lower, textured basket on another.

The Final Touches

If you are an artist at heart, you might want to hang your artwork on the face of your shelf or use some decorative bookends. Lighting may also add to your display: a small lamp on a lower shelf, or some string lights woven subtly amidst items, can create a cozy, warm feeling.


Styling your cherry bookcase gives you a good chance to show that creative side, and adds to the feel of your room. With a fine choice of a bookcase, good arrangements of your books on the inside, and additional decorative elements, you get a view that you can speak volumes about your personality and bring everything in your space together.

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