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What Are The Snapchat Planets?

Snapchat+ customers have lately located Snapchat Planets, a part of the newly brought Friends & Best Friends Solar System characteristic. If you are also careworn about what it is and how it works, this manual will explain the Snapchat Planets method and the way you could flaunt them wisely.

It’s been an awesome quantity of time since the Snapchat Plus subscription was delivered, which brings extra perks and features to the app. There are numerous amazing features that you may liberate by means of procuring Snapchat+, and the Friends Solar System is certainly one of them. Let’s explore the spanchat planet, its planet order, and its cool capabilities briefly.

Snapchat Planets: What Is the Friend Solar System?

You should already be familiar with how an actual sun system seems and works. In our solar device, every planet revolves around the Sun and is separated via a positive distance.

The first Snapchat Planet on the list is Mercury, and it represents the person you percentage the most streaks with, i.E. Your first-class friend on Snapchat. This system works on your next 8 high-quality pals on Snapchat, meaning your pinnacle eight exceptional buddies are assigned a planet based totally on how near you are to them (how much you interact with them).

All Snapchat Planets in Order

Snapchat users are regularly pressured about the Friends Solar System and Planets factor. This is because the app most effectively displays photos of the planets and doesn’t provide their names, positions, or meanings. To resolve this problem, we’re going to explain all planets in order, with their pics and their meaning right here.

  • Mercury

Mercury is the primary planet of Snapchat’s Friends Solar System, just like the actual one. It’s the closest planet to the Sun. Hence, it’s used to represent your pleasant friend on Snapchat with whom you connect the most and feature the longest Snap streak going.

  • Venus

Venus is the second planet from the Sun and represents your second closest pal. If you are the Sun, and Venus is one in every one of your friends, you’ve shared many memorable moments collectively.

  • Earth

Earth is the third planet in the Snapchat sun device and represents your third exceptional friend in the app. Just like it’s the simplest planet in our solar system with existence, it indicates how energetic your friendship is with someone.

In Snapchat’s Friends Solar System, Earth is the easiest to pick out as it features the same blue and inexperienced colourings with a moon, stars, and crimson hearts around it.

  • Mars

Mars is the fourth closest friend on Snapchat’s sun system and represents your fourth closest pal on the app. It’s some other very exclusive and clean-to-identify planet.

  • Jupiter

Jupiter is close to sun. When you’re their Jupiter, you maintain the 5th position of their friend’s sun gadget.

  • Saturn

Saturn is the 6th planet in the Snapchat sun system, and it represents your 6th closest friend on the app. In the Snapchat Friends Solar System, Saturn is shown as an orange planet with a ring and several stars floating close by.

  • Uranus

Uranus is the 7th planet in the Snapchat solar system and represents your 7th closest friend on the app. Uranus is referred to green planet.

  • Neptune

Neptune, the 8th planet, represents your eighth closest buddy. While you may be farther out of their sun device, your friendship continues to be valued.

How to Identify Snapchat Planets

  • If you are a Snapchat Plus person, you may word a ‘Best Friends’ or ‘Friends’ badge in your friend’s Friendship Profile. This badge has a gold ring around it, making it clear to identify.
  • When you faucet on this badge, you may enter your friend’s “Solar System.” In this cosmic association, each planet represents a unique role to your pal’s list.
  • ‘Best Friends’ on Snapchat Plus means that you and the alternative people are among every other’s 8 closest friends. The ‘Friends’ method means that you are one of every of their eight closest buddies, but they will not keep the identical role in your list.

Snapchat Planets and User Engagement

Snapchat Planets have revolutionized user engagement on the platform. With their visually stunning and interactive features, Planets provide a unique and immersive experience that keeps users coming back for more. Whether it’s trying out new filters, discovering exciting content on Discover, or engaging with friends through chat and messaging, Snapchat Planets offer endless opportunities for connection and creativity.


Snapchat Planets have transformed the Snapchat experience, providing users with a captivating and visually stunning journey through different virtual worlds. From filters and stickers to engaging stories and chat features, each planet offers a unique and immersive experience.

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