What Is The Meaning Of Output Device in Computer

Output device is the device in which we can see the work done such as computer monitor and photocopy printer. Let us understand this in simple language, as soon as we do any input in the computer, i.e. we type anything through mouse and keyboard, then what we see on the screen is our output.

Following are the types of output devices

  • Monitor
  • Printer
  • Multimedia Projector
  • Speaker

How does an output device work?

The computer cannot do any work with its own hands, for that we have to give its command, which we do through the input device, like if we want to shutdown the computer, then we will click on the shutdown button through the mouse and then we will see the shutdown on the display.

Similarly, when we do any activity on the computer, it shows us on the monitor. Monitor is an output device. There is another simple example of this, like if we want to take any print out, then we will go to the computer and give it the command that we will get this page to print. The printer will provide us with a soft copy of the page as output.

Know about it in more detail


Monitor is an important part of the computer which we call the output device. Whatever we type in the computer or click through the mouse, its output is visible on the monitor itself, through which we are able to do our work more perfectly.


From small companies to big companies, there is a very important machine with which we can print anything. Whatever work we do in Excel file and Word file can be seen only in the computer. To print it, we need a printer which is an output device through which we get our work on one page.

Multimedia Projector:

Multimedia projector provides a high resolution video which is used for press conferences in big companies. With its help, video text presentation etc. can be seen on the display which is used on a large scale.


We all know about the speaker, through it we can listen to music, listen to videos, it means it provides us audio. This is also an audio device, to play it we have to click on any video or audio in the computer. So it will send electrical signals to the speaker which we will hear as song or voice as output.


We hope that you have understood well about the output devices and we hope that you are satisfied with this information and follow us for more information.

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