How To Turn Off Active Status On Instagram


Activity status or active status is the default feature of the Instagram app that automatically shows when you are active on Instagram or when you are not active. It also shows your last active status on Instagram. If you are online currently, you are visible to other users because of the active status default feature.

If you do not want to respond immediately to any messages or want to avoid the users, you can turn off your active status on Instagram. People also use the turn-off active status option on Instagram to focus on their work without any disturbances. If you also want to turn off the active status on your Instagram, then you should read this article.

Active status on Instagram

By default, Instagram lets different customers see you while you’re active on the platform. People can see while you’re online and the ultimate time you have been online if you’re offline.

If you want to keep that fact to yourself, you usually have the option of delving deeper into your Instagram account settings and turning off interest status. It allow you to see activity, whether it is active or not.

How does the active status feature work on Instagram?

The activity status feature shows people you’ve directly messaged (DM’d) while you have been online and whether or not you’re presently active on Instagram.

Your status is shown to human beings you comply with. So if someone follows you but you do not follow them lower back, they may not be capable of viewing your status. The same is true of your friends. You can see once they are final online if they comply with you back. Your friend’s status is seen while you navigate for your direct messages.

Should you turn off the activity status on Instagram?

There are some benefits to retaining it. It permits you to hold tabs on your friend’s online status without feeling like you’re intruding. In that manner, if you want to ship a funny meme at the proper moment, you could count on your friend to peer it immediately or soon later.

Turning it off, however, gives the advantage of being able to access Instagram without all of us understanding. That way, you can answer DMs at your comfort, and you don’t sense that everyone is retaining tabs while you’re using the app. The one drawback is that once you turn the function off, you may not be capable of viewing everyone else’s status.

If you want to hold your late-night doggy picture scroll fests personally, do not be anxious. You can turn off Instagram’s activity status function with the subsequent brief steps.

How Do I Turn off My Activity Status on Instagram?

A few clicks or taps through your account settings will monitor the Show Activity Status toggle. You could switch it off to show your online status.

Turn off Active Status on the Website

Here’s a way to do it from the website

  • Select your profile icon from the top-right of the web page, and pick out Settings in the drop-down menu.
  • From left panel, choose security and privacy option.
  • Locate Show Activity Status from the right, and check from the field by choosing it. The exchange will save automatically and go into impact right away.

Turn off Active Status on Mobile

The Instagram app makes use of the same term to explain this putting—Show Activity Status—but attending to it is slightly distinct from the way it works on the website.

  • Open your page by choosing your profile image from the bottom menu.
  • From the three-lined menu on the top, pick Settings.
  • Tap Privacy, after which Activity Status is on the following screen.
  • Tap Show Activity Status, or its toggle to the right, to disable it immediately.


Whether you want to ignore anyone or have busy schedule that make you inactive on social media, then you can use this feature and turn off the active status. Activity status on Instagram refers to you being proven as presently online or lately active. However, the Instagram UI has been modified a LOT over the years. This has made it as simple as turning off your activity status to appear offline on Instagram.

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