What is a laser security system and how it works

Laser security systems are electronic devices designed to protect homes, businesses and other properties from intruders. They use laser technology to create a barrier of invisible beams that can detect movement and trigger an alarm when the beam is broken.

How It Works

A laser security system typically consists of a transmitter and receiver pair. The transmitter emits an infrared laser beam that is not visible to the human eye. The receiver, located on the opposite side of the area being protected, detects any changes in the laser beam caused by movement.

When an intruder enters the protected area and breaks the laser beam, it creates a disturbance in the beam’s pattern, which is detected by the receiver. This triggers an alarm, notifying the property owner or security personnel of a potential intrusion.


One of the main advantages of laser security systems is that they provide an invisible barrier, making it difficult for intruders to detect and avoid the system. They are also highly accurate and responsive, with the ability to detect even slight movements. Additionally, laser security systems can cover large areas without the need for complex wiring or installation.

Laser Security Alarm

In addition to triggering an audible alarm, some laser security systems also come equipped with a laser security alarm. This is a silent alarm that can be connected to a monitoring system, notifying the authorities of an intrusion without alerting the intruder. This added layer of security can help protect properties even when no one is present at the time of an intrusion.


Laser security systems are a highly effective and reliable way to protect properties from intruders. With their invisible barrier and accurate detection, they provide peace of mind for property owners. Adding a laser security alarm can further increase the level of security and protection provided by these systems.

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