8 Best Blockchain Gaming Companies

An integral part of web3, blockchain gaming is a growing sector expanding to mainstream swiftly! One of the primary reasons powering its expansion is the versatile application of Blockchain Technology supported by leading blockchain gaming platforms.

Games built on blockchain have numerous advantages from a security perspective to in-app purchases, player progression and a better gaming environment. Influencing top studios to capture the market and make a substantial revolution to the way games are being played. 

Many blockchain gaming platforms are leading the way and already making waves in the field through their games. Curious to know who these revolutionaries are? Let’s briefly delve into the top 10 blockchain gaming platforms that are leading the way:

  • Dapperlabs

Since Feb 2018, Dapperlabs has been leading the blockchain gaming platform and will continue to do so. They have produced numerous blockchains including, NBA Short, UFC Strike, Flow blockchain and NFL All Day. CryptoKitties is their fan favourite and one of the finest works they have come across. 

The company envisions producing more outstanding products integrated with the best tech in gaming and entertainment. Dapper Labs, located at 565 Great Northern Way in Vancouver, Canada, holds its headquarters and has a net worth of $7.6 billion.

  • Immutable

Immutable is celebrated for its Web3 developments and Immutable X platform. Offering highly secure NFT transactions backed by Ethereum’s blockchain Immutable X is keen to take Web3 gaming to newer heights. The blockchain gaming platform allows you to efficiently distribute NFTs across Immutable’s network of marketplaces. 

How? Immutable NFT transactions do not incur gas fees, through its carbon-neutral NFTs. Their Apollo platform is the key when it comes to seamlessly incorporating decentralized assets with accuracy and scalability. This advanced solution not only reduces friction but also eliminates entry barriers for gamers.

  • Sky Mavis

Sky Mavis is a blockchain-based gaming developer. Widely known for Axie Infinity, a vertical pet world where players can raise pets, battle, and trade Axies’ “virtual cute creatures”. The distinctive trait of Axies mainly relies on their possession of 6 body parts. 

Each Axie is equipped with a battle move, providing an infinite spectrum of possible combinations. 

  • Chainlink Labs

A gaming industry leader, Wemade and Chainlink recently declared their strategic partnership to revolutionize Web3 gaming. Wemade’s “WEMIX3.0” blockchain main net and Chainlink’s Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) leverage each other’s crossing paths. 

Chainlink Labs refined user engagement to new heights. Gamers are provided with genuine control over their in-game assets through the integration of dApps and blockchain features. This transformative enhancement not only empowers users but also adds layers of depth and personalization to the gaming experience.

Best Blockchain Gaming Companies

  • SuperTeam Games

Featuring an interactive NFT marketplace, SuperTeam Games is a new-era blockchain gaming platform!  Providing sports games, SuperTeam Games offers STG Football, their standout blockchain game. 

The game has an entire blockchain ecosystem with a multiplayer functionality for players to have interactive gameplay. Gamers can own in-game players, and upgrade and customize them by making purchases using marketplaces.

  • The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual world that empowers players to create and own their experiences. In this platform, players can build, own, and monetize their creations backed by blockchain technology. 

Offering a decentralized and player-driven environment which allows players to unleash their creativity. With Sandbox, you can explore a vast universe of user-generated content and become a member of the play-to-earn economy.

  • Decentraland

Entirely decentralized Decentraland is a titan of blockchain gaming platforms using its capabilities to the fullest! The control of game rules and the virtual world is entirely in the hands of users, as well as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. 

Besides that, the personalization element of the Decentraland blockchain gaming platform comes from the trading of digital assets via the Ethereum blockchain. 

  • OpenSea

OpenSea is a colossal platform known for trading NFTs, digital art, assets, trading cards and more. Using OpenSea, gamers can own digital assets and use them in blockchain games. Allowing communities of blockchain gaming platforms to operate smoothly, OpenSea is a massive hub for digital collections of game assets on Ethereum Blockchain.


With the implementation of Blockchain, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and AI integration, the landscape of gaming is evolving constantly. Levelling up the gaming ecosystem many leading blockchain gaming platforms are integrating new mechanics in gaming technology, through blockchain.

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