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YesBackpage: Exploring Alternatives for Classified Advertisers

In the grand landscape of online classified advertising, change is the only constant. Whether it’s due to market shifts, emerging technologies, or legal considerations, the shutdown of a popular platform can send ripples through the industry, sparking the question: where do we go from here? YesBackpage, a classified advertisement website that gained significant traction, is no stranger to such change. However, with its demise, the search for alternative platforms has never been more pressing for both individual advertisers and digital marketing organizations. In this post, we’ll dive into a comprehensive list of 10 YesBackpage alternatives that can fill the gap for those who relied on it for their advertising needs.

Overview of YesBackpage

YesBackpage, the sophisticated successor to the notorious Backpage, was a platform well-known for its simplicity and wide-reaching audience. It catered to a broad range of categories, from real estate and jobs to personal services, providing a space for both individual sellers and businesses to connect with potential buyers and clients.

Despite its versatility and growing user base, YesBackpage faced constant scrutiny due to the illicit activities that plagued its predecessor. The unwavering scrutiny culminated in its shutdown, leaving its users — many of whom were legitimate advertisers — in need of a new virtual marketplace to showcase their offerings.

1. Craigslist

Craigslist, the OG of online classifieds, is a behemoth in this space. It thrives on its reputation, having been around since the dial-up era. Its straightforward interface, expansive reach across numerous cities worldwide, and largely free posting model make it an excellent alterative to YesBackpage. However, its minimalist approach may lack the bells and whistles of more modern platforms, and its infamous lack of customer service can be unnerving for some users.

2. Gumtree

If you’re looking to target audiences in the UK, Australia, and South Africa, Gumtree is the name that echoes through the web. A subsidiary of eBay, Gumtree offers a broad range of categories, similar to YesBackpage, and a reputation as one of the largest websites for classified ads. Its community feel and integrated communication features make it a strong contender for those seeking an alternative with an international flavor.

3. Facebook Marketplace

With over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is not just a social media giant but also an emerging platform for buying and selling locally. The Marketplace feature is seamlessly integrated into the Facebook app, providing a user-friendly experience and access to a vast potential audience. However, with Facebook’s stringent content policies, certain categories may be off-limits compared to YesBackpage and other alternatives.

4. Oodle

Oodle grabs attention with its innovative approach to aggregating listings from major classified websites. It offers a wide range of categories and allows users to promote ads across social media and search engines. This feature, coupled with its focus on mobile usability, can make Oodle an attractive YesBackpage alternative for both broader reach and a millennial audience.

5. Geebo

Geebo distinguishes itself with a strong stance against scam advertisements and keeps its user base protected with a robust verification process. Its singular focus on creating a safe buying and selling experience makes it a prime destination for individuals and businesses alike. Geebo’s emphasis on safety and security sets it apart in an era where online scams are rampant, and trust is golden.

6. Hoobly

Hoobly is akin to a local bulletin board, where one can post and respond to ads in specific categories. While its reach may be more localized compared to the global networks of Craigslist and Facebook, this regional focus allows for more targeted advertising. It is particularly popular in the pet adoption and sales category, making it a top choice for breeders and pet lovers.

7. OfferUp

The premise of OfferUp is simple: it’s like a virtual garage sale where you can buy and sell locally. With a strong mobile app and a broad audience, it’s an excellent option for individual sellers to quickly and easily list items for sale in their local area. However, its main usage trend is for selling pre-owned goods, which might limit its effectiveness for certain types of classified ads compared to YesBackpage.

8. Letgo

Letgo operates in a similar vein to OfferUp, with a distinct interface and aggressive marketing approach that makes it a popular choice among mobile-centric users. It features a straightforward, image-driven layout, and its AI-powered app can recognize items and suggest categories, making the listing process even more user-friendly. Letgo has gained popularity in North America and is a go-to platform for second-hand goods.

9. Locanto

Locanto is another international player that offers a wide variety of categories for users to post their classified ads. Its free service and its presence in over 60 countries make it an attractive option for marketers wishing to explore a global audience. With a strong presence in Asia, Latin America, and Europe, Locanto is a dominant player in these markets.

10. Backpage-Like Alternatives

For those who specifically seek a YesBackpage successor, there are platforms like Bedpage, Ibackpage, and Ebackpage. These websites have modeled themselves to replicate the user experience of YesBackpage, with similar layouts and categories. However, users should remain cautious, as the legal and ethical implications that led to YesBackpage’s shutdown still loom over these alternatives.


The online classified ad space is vast and varied, catering to a diverse set of needs and preferences. Despite the loss of YesBackpage, a plethora of alternatives offer unique features and opportunities for advertisers and marketers. It’s essential to explore these options carefully, keeping in mind your target audience, the nature of your ads, and the level of security you desire for your transactions. By doing so, you can continue to navigate the digital marketplace with confidence, knowing that ample space exists to both showcase and find what you’re looking for.

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