What Is Numlookup And Its Alternative

NumlookupAPI is described as ‘Automate your smartphone number verification procedure by checking service statistics with free and international mobile number lookup API’ and is an internet site. There are many alternatives available for NumlookupAPI, not only websites but also apps for SaaS, Mac, Windows and Linux. The excellent NumlookupAPI opportunity is NumValidate, which is free and Open Source. Other great websites and apps similar to NumlookupAPI are RealValidito, num verify API, RealPhoneValidation and Verifone.

Overview of NumLookup

NumLookup is an opposite telephone research tool that works with any Number. It is a free-to-use service that doesn’t require any kind of registration. The facts include the owner’s name, the area, and the provider.

The Best NumLookup Alternative

While NumLookup does provide a free provider, it’s a good idea to look if there are any opportunity options obtainable.

  1. Intelius

Intelius is a historical past check service that provides diverse search alternatives, including reverse telephone number research. It permits you to discover facts about individuals using their telephone numbers together with names, addresses, crook statistics, and more. Intelius offers free, simple search results and more comprehensive reviews through its paid offerings.

  1. Detection

One of the first-rate — if no longer the exceptional — alternative to NumLookup we’ve observed is Detectico. This app and website allow customers to check telephone numbers for his or her proprietors, service details, and GPS places. The website is cutting-edge and clean, too.

  1. USPhoneBook

USPhoneBook could be very much like NumLookup in that it’s miles 100% free and may be used to locate the proprietor of a telephone quantity. Users sincerely want to enter the ten-digit smartphone number, and they can discover key information about the number, which includes extra touch details and the name and address of the individual.

  1. Whitepages

Whitepages is a complete human being search engine that consists of a reverse mobile number research feature. It enables you to find contact data, addresses, and public information associated with a telephone number. While it provides some statistics without spending a dime, additional information might require a subscription.

  1. Truenameer

Truenameer is a name ID and junk mail-blocking app for cell mobile customers. You can download the app or use the website to discover the statistics you’re looking for. You will also find data about numbers that might be junk mail, allowing you to damage them.

  1. XResolver

XResolver is barely distinct in that it’s used to locate the IP addresses and regions of gamers on Xbox Live. This is beneficial for those who are being harassed while gambling video games on the Xbox. You may even blacklist personal IP addresses to defend your privacy.

  1. Spokeo

Spokeo is a search engine that offers a mobile number search characteristic. It lets you locate information about people based on their telephone numbers, together with social media profiles, public statistics, and contact information. It offers free and paid offerings, with extra in-depth facts to be had through a subscription.

  1. AnyWho

AnyWho is a website allowing users to discover humans, organizations, and places. It consists of an opposite telephone research device like NumLookup. Users sincerely want to enter the number into the hunt field, and they’ll find out who it belongs to. You can also find their registered cope with.

  1. ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch is an online search engine that consists of an opposite telephone quantity lookup characteristic. It aims to offer public information and speak to information for people primarily based on their smartphone numbers. While a few primary search results are free, getting entry to extra precise data may require a subscription.

  1. Pipl

Pipl is an online search engine that allows you to locate statistics about people through diverse search standards, along with telephone numbers. It aggregates statistics from numerous online assets to offer comprehensive outcomes, along with contact data, social profiles, and public information. Pipl offers free primary search consequences and more specified statistics through their paid offerings.


Websites like NumLookup provide a treasured service with the aid of providing customers with the capability to perceive unknown names and safeguard their privacy. These sites make it less difficult for individuals to avoid undesirable names, ability scams, or even harassment via the simple act of opposite mobile number lookup. By leveraging effective databases and sizable records resources, these websites have been validated to be reliable and gear for identifying names as they should be.

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