15 Best AI Landing Page Builders for 2024

In the ever-changing digital landscape, using cutting-edge solutions like AI landing page builders is increasingly essential, especially for bloggers and small company owners who want to make a lasting impression. Previously available only to those with significant marketing budgets or extensive technical expertise, these cutting-edge tools are made to not only make the process of creating landing pages more efficient, but also to optimize them for increased conversion rates.

Landing page builders may now include intelligent content recommendations, user-friendly design interfaces, and A/B testing capabilities driven by machine learning algorithms to identify the top-performing variants thanks to AI technology. The top 15 AI landing page builders are examined in this guide, which is expected to revolutionize internet marketing in 2024.

Top AI Landing Page Builders for Small Business Owners and Bloggers:

1. Leadpages


It is well known for its ease of use, Leadpages uses AI to give you the right template based on your industry and conversion goals. Its drag-and-drop interface is what makes it a favorite among the non-technical users.

2. Unbounce


Unbounce kicks off with its AI-powered Smart Traffic and Smart Copy features, which boost conversions by directing the visitors to the most relevant version of your page and creating the compelling copy.

3. Wix

Wix Website Builder


Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) is able to make amazing, unique, and completely customized landing pages from the beginning by asking you a few easy questions. The ideal for the beginners who are looking for the beauty and simplicity.

4. Instapage


Instapage has machine learning features that give real-time suggestions for the improvement of page performance, thus, it is a good choice to those who are looking to seriously optimize the conversion rates.

5. HubSpot


Through its all-in-one marketing platform HubSpot uses AI to create landing pages that are adapted to the specific behaviors of individual users, thus, having a personalized experience that can increase the engagement and conversions.

6. Lander


Lander’s AI-powered A/B testing tool directly recognizes the best-performing versions of your landing page, thus eliminating the guesswork in optimization.

7. Mailchimp


Mailchimp is mainly an email marketing platform but it now also has a landing page builder powered by AI that predicts the content preference and hence helps in creating targeted messages that will be liked by your audience.

8. Landingi


The Landingi’s Auto AI feature makes the design process easy by automatically generating fully responsive landing pages according to your content and goals, thus, the workflow is significantly streamlined.

9. ConvertKit

Bloggers prefer ConvertKit for its simplicity and it has an AI landing page tool in its email marketing platform, which makes it easy to capture leads without overwhelming features.

10. GetResponse

GetResponse utilizes the AI technology to enhance landing pages for user engagement and conversion, providing tools such as predictive analytics and automated A/B testing.

11. Builder. ai

Builder. ai works on the customization of landing pages with a little input, employing artificial intelligence to make sure that design options are in accordance with the best practices for conversion optimization.

12. Marketo

Owned by Adobe, Marketo is a marketing automation platform that provides a landing page builder powered by AI for medium to large businesses that are looking to increase their online strategies.

13. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is not only a landing page builder, but also a sales funnel creator. Its AI functionalities assist users in the creation of the optimal funnels which assist the visitors to move from the awareness to the purchase.

14. Elementor

Although Elementor is mainly a WordPress plugin, its AI system helps in the creation of the visually appealing landing pages that are also optimized for speed and SEO.

15. Zyro

The Zyro’s landing page builder, which is powered by AI, doesn’t only recommend the design elements and content but also changes the layout in real time for the best usability on different devices.

Final Thoughts:

In 2024, bloggers and small company owners will need to be able to swiftly design optimized landing pages in order to succeed online. A variety of options catered to different requirements, tastes, and ability levels are provided by the AI landing page builders mentioned above. You may improve your digital marketing plan by using these AI skills to generate more traffic and leads than you have in the past.


Q: What features of AI landing page builders distinguish them from the conventional ones?

A: AI landing page builders come with machine learning and data analysis tools that can automate the design decisions, optimize the content, and perform A/B testing with ease, thus, often the landing pages perform better without the need for constant human intervention.

Q: Are AI landing page builders for those who do not have the knowledge of coding or design?

A: Absolutely. The main advantage of using AI landing page builders is their capability to simplify the design process so that anyone can use them even if they have no technical or design background.

Q: Is it possible for AI landing page builders to boost SEO?

A: Of course, the majority of AI landing page builders have the SEO best practices in their designs and also suggest the optimizations that are based on the content and the industry trends, thus, making your page more visible on the search engines.

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