Electronic Saviors is excited to start working on the 5th volume of Industrial Music to Cure Cancer: Remembrance. 

We are officially taking submissions for volume 5 until November 2017. As this is a huge undertaking, we would appreciate if artists could follow the guidelines for submitting tracks as closely as possibly. 

-Songs must be 100% exclusive.  Brand new songs are preferred over remixes of existing songs and will take priority when the compilation is being assembled.  A contract will be sent to you if your track is accepted to ensure exclusivity.  We have had experiences with bands releasing their tracks after the compilation comes out.  We would like to avoid that.

-No cover songs will be accepted.

-If your track is accepted, you will be required to sign a Grant of Rights form that allows us to manufacture your track.  You will receive a letter regarding this in November/December.

-Please include complete info about your track:

  • artist 
  • track title
  • website
  • label info (if any)
  • high resolution JPG of your project (Band pics are great but Logos are acceptable)

-Please do not send multiple versions of your song.  Send the finished and best, unmastered version only

-There is no time limit but the average time is around 4.5 minutes.

-Tracks must be in 24 bit wav or aif, unmastered.

-Please name the file with the full artist name and track title. 

-Do not send tracks to Jim directly or through facebook. Its much better if they are all in the same place.


- To submit email us a link to contact@electronicsaviors.com with your track stored on any file transfer service of your choice, as well as the information requested above.  We will download them as they come in, and we cannot wait to hear all your wonderful music!