V3 Submissions Open

Submissions are now open for Electronic Saviors Volume 3:Remission.

Here are the guide lines for submitting tracks.

-Tracks must be received no later than November 28th, 2013.

-Songs must be 100% exclusive. Please do not submit songs from your Bandcamp or similar sites. Brand new songs are preferred over remixes of existing songs and will take priority when the compilation is being assembled. A contract will be sent to you if your track is accepted to ensure exclusivity. We have had experiences with bands releasing their tracks after the compilation comes out. We would like to avoid that.

-Please do not send multiple versions of your song. Send the finished and best version.

-No cover songs will be accepted.

-There is no time limit but the average time is around 4.5 minutes.

-Tracks must be in 24 bit wav or aif, unmastered.

-If your track is accepted, you will be required to sign a Grant of Rights form that allows us to manufacture your track. You will receive a letter regarding this in November/December 2013.

-Tracks can be sent to Jim Semonik.djhiem@gmail.com.

-Electronic Saviors Vol 3 has a target release date of May 2014. Thank you for being involved with this project. We look forward to working with you.